Specialist courses for social workers

I have developed a specialist course for social workers that aims to equip them with the knowledge and skills to enable them to undertake Child Protection enquiries - 'Good Practice in Section 47 Enquiries'. The course covers aspects such as what to do and say, Best Evidence, authoritative practice, effective strategy discussions, the law, thresholds and roles and responsibilities.

Here is what past participants have said...
The most important thing I learned
• Is to be more confident
• How to gather information
• To re-evaluate working practice
• To remember to reflect
• How I speak to clients
  - I have reflected on this through the role play
• What is expected of me/my role/participation

in the S.47 process
To not give up
Speak less, Listen more, Think more

Recommendation 43
No social worker shall undertake section 47 inquiries unless he or she has been trained to do so."
The Victoria Climbie Enquiry

Recommendation 5.3
"The authoritative intervention is urgent, thorough, challenging, with a low threshold of concern, keeping the focus on the child, and with high expectations of parents and of what services should expect of themselves."
The Baby P Enquiry

All training is delivered within a framework of anti-oppressive practice.

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